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abcg™ Case Studies


Business Growth

All vehicle OEMs intellectually recognize the need to digitize their processes and connect their assets. But gaining shared understanding of the potential and the degree of change likely proved difficult at one particular OEM.

Leveraging their experience as senior industry executives, abcg™ engaged with the digital leader and guided the development of broad strategy to capture value across the entire ecosystem while also aiding crafting of a message that resonated with the top executives. 

The result was not just approval for the new digital program, but also requests to accelerate the deployment and anticipated benefits.

Existing technology player entry into the off-highway business

A well-established technology company had identified off-highway equipment as a possible new use for their core expertise.  But they lacked deep understanding of how OEMs operate and the relative end-customer value of different use cases. They were also completely unknown to the commercial vehicle industry.

Working collaboratively with the company, abcg™ prioritized the use cases and developed an entry strategy to simultaneously build credibility, deliver immediate value, and provide a natural progression towards higher value offerings.

Existing technology player entry into the off-highway business

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