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abcg™ Case Studies

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Restart of product management at a major OEM

A leading off-highway OEM with great products and a strong engineering culture needed to be more responsive to global customer needs and find new ways to grow.

A product management team of talented individuals existed, but were demoralized and ineffective.

Working with executive leadership, abcg™:

  • Integrated the individuals into a global team with a broad shared vision
  • Facilitated the team’s discovery of improvement areas and enabled a mindset of problem solving through structured improvement projects to address the biggest challenges
  • Coached leaders in the team to be more impactful
  • Identified significant business challenges in the core products, and guided the team developing solutions
  • Through this process, the team gained credibility and influence and was able to launch several major new initiatives
Restart of product management at a major OEM

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